You Are Welcome Here

Welcome To Brady United Methodist Church.
We are located at 401 S. Blackburn in Brady, Texas.

You are invited to live out God’s love to all you encounter, by shining light into darkness, adding salt to lives, and offering hope in all that you do.

Church is not a place where “perfect people” are found, but church is a place where the broken and wounded receive healing, sanctuary is offered to the needy, encouragement is given to the poor in spirit, and strength given to the weary through God’s gracious love and grace. It is a place where we come to strive and be who Christ calls us to be as God’s spirit is poured out on us as we journey together in our life of faith.


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We Believe…

We are a part of the Global United Methodist Church and the larger spiritual heritage of John Wesley. As Methodists, we practice and believe that we have a role to play in God’s redemptive work in the world and we live that out by our motto, “Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open doors.” We believe that ALL people are of sacred worth and God’s grace is available to all through his love and the power of the Holy Spirit.


student Ministry

4:twelve Student Ministries helps build awareness of God's active presence in our student's lives and encourages personal spiritual growth. We believe that students through the power of The Holy Spirit are world changers.